Why Organic Farms are the Way to go

Organic products have nowadays been allocated a section in several bazaars. Consumers should appreciate the actions and thoughts put in organic products and they should also understand this term. Let us first understand organic farming. Before the onset of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides all farms were organic. Suddenly there was a need to produce much more food. Adjustments to mother nature had to be done. Chemicals had to be used on the farms. Organic farms do not encourage usage of chemicals. Seeds and organisms which have been genetically modified are also not approved in organic farms. There is the holistic treatment of soil in organic farms.

Farming is also considered as a whole entity. The core aim is to have the organic farming practices which sustain and are harmonious in mixing the human race and the environment. There are plentiful benefits of organic farming. The soil and the underground have beneath them a complete world living organisms and societies. In an organic farm, this has to be protected so that the soil does not degrade. Even though nitrogen takes up a huge air percentage, it is of no use if it is not fixed in the soil. If the soil does not have enough nitrogen food production will be low.

Nowadays the food business is booming. Sadly, if corporations that are multi-billion sell their ware that is genetically modified, they encourage monocultures and homogeneity on a wide scale. Specialists have the feeling that the result of this is more crop vulnerability to disease, pests, and climate change. Surviving and adapting is nature’s fitness policy. Another negative effect coming from selling these products that are genetically modified will promote the upcoming of new superbugs and superweeds.

This is alarming. Human health is endangered by the chemicals that are used in farming. They are either affected by allergies or cancers. Humans are not only affected by some crops or even the period that other plants take to grow. They last longer and, poison the soil for a long time. Underground water is also affected. The water flowing from these crops affects other alternative water bodies. There is no way to contain or limit chemical usage. Organic products preparation should be seen as a way of life. Care is emphasized on handling and processing methods to make sure the final products do not lose their organic integrity.

For longer shelf-life, organic products do not need chemicals. There has been a warning on the health problems that pesticides have on especially children. Organic farms are now the way to go even if the movement started slowly in the 1960s now it is coming in droves.

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