How To Choose Between VoIP And PBX Phone Systems

In our world today, gone are the letters that would take days, weeks and months for a simple message to be delivered, since communication has been made very easy these days. Communication can still be made faster even though we might think that we are already having the best of our technology. Even a person that has been so well versed about technology and communication can be confused with the words VoIP and PBX. Communication in an office, no matter how small or big it is, is the most important thing there is. The assistance of the VoIP or PBX might be considered for those who run a small office. But one might be wondering, what makes a VoIP or PBX different?

Before choosing which among these two serves you best, it would be better to understand the technology that lies behind them first. To start off, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and PBX means Public Branch Exchange. Compared to the usual phone system, using these phone systems helps you get linked to your employees faster and for a cheaper price. The VoIP sends voice data digitized from one point to another in order to make telecommunication companies have better and more communication within the same bandwidth. The PBX, on the other hand, is like a small telephone network that sends calls to the right extension and in order to share phone lines between every extension. PBX phone system deals with fewer lines in a network and makes sure that calls are forwarded and made where they have to be made. As technology has risen, PBX can now have a touch of the VoIP, in a new phone system called IP PBX.

Anywhere you go, these phone systems are available for you to purchase and avail on. And once you have your PBX and VoIP distributors, you might want to take good care of your phone system to make your purchase worth it. Companies offering these services are just around the bed, and you may click here for more information on phone distributors and phone systems. Some owners of phone distributors may just decide to attack neighboring phone systems and it is on you to guard yours carefully. This means that you have to make the right decision on which company you will trust to put up and keep an eye on your phone system for your office. You should always do a background check before settling down and choosing your phone systems company by checking their reputation online and seeing previous clients’ opinions.

Choosing a phone system for your office wouldn’t be that hard now since you now have an idea on how the PBX phone system and VoIP phone system works. The love you have for your office is what will drive you to make the best decision in choosing the best service provider.

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