All You Need To Know About A Lightning Rod

When lightning strikes a building fire can be started and electrocute any person who is in the vicinity. The only solution to this act of nature is to put measures to protect people and buildings from being damaged. A device known as a lightning rod or a finial has been discovered that protects all sorts of structures from damage during a storm. A lightning rod or a finial is a metal rod that is fitted on top of tall buildings or other structures such as bridges and ships that need protection from lightning.

These metallic rods do not have to be only straight, but they can come in all shapes such as pointed, rounded and flat. Depending on one’s choice, they can choose a finial that is either hollow, solid or one that resembles a brush. Whether the rod is hollow or solid, they work by transferring the electrical charges to the ground using a wire fitted to the device.

The lightning rod depends on three elements to transfer the charges to the ground, the metal rod, the wire, and a ground absorber. When lightning hits the finial, through a conductive material, the electricity travels along the conductive wire directly to the ground. The ground also called the earth is a metal that is taken to the ground to dispose of the electricity charges. When that process occurs, the electricity is dispersed without destroying any property. But, if building owners realize that their rod has been hit by lightning, they should still inspect their home for any harm because a lot of energy has been transmitted.

There are those buildings that need more protection than others, and thus they should use a system made up of many of these devices that have been linked together using conductors, supports and connectors. The conductors ensure that the charges are sent to the ground as fast as possible.

Every homeowner should consider installing a lightning rod in their home if they do not want to count loses after a thunderstorm. All homeowners should find out whether their home insurance plan covers lightning protection as that way you will know who will be liable in case lightning strikes. It is a good idea to invest in a lightning rod if you stay in areas that are prone to frequent thunderstorms such as Tornado alley through the Midwest and parts of Florida.

It is more unlikely for lightning to hit small buildings, but that does not mean you do not have to invest in a finial. This device has made people rest east during a storm and enjoy the magnificent display of nature without too much worry about lightning strikes.

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