Tips for Buying Window Blinds

Whether your purpose is privacy or style-related or even both, choosing window treatments can be a feat. Do you go to your local home center, maybe a specialty store or should you shop online? How sheer do you go or how formal? And how come your neighbors and friends always seem to get it effortlessly?

Consider the following before buying blinds:

Desired Ambiance
Questions About Products You Must Know the Answers To

Will it be buttoned up cozy or airy and bright?
Do you want to block out light in your bedroom or let the rays shine in over your kitchen sink? Are the windows you intend to cover facing the sunny side of your home or are they near your main entrance? These factors influence your choice of the styles and fabrics.
The Key Elements of Great Windows

Size of Your Budget

Are you outfitting one or all windows around your house? Spending more and less on particular windows, depending on which of them are more and less important. Window treatments are priced according to size, so bigger treatments will cost more. Custom sizes, along with specialty patterns, features or fabrics, drive the price higher.

Maintenance Requirements

Also consider how much time and effort you’re willing to spend maintaining the blinds. Cleaning standard blinds can be easily done at home, but because they tend to be dust magnets, they will require attention every now and then. Textured fabrics and weaves will likely hide dirt, so it’s important to vacuum them or let the pros do the cleaning.

Your Style

Check your own decorating style – casual or formal? Traditional or chic? Bold colors can be fun and revitalizing, while subdued hues are more soothing and calming. Do you like corded blinds or the sleeker, cordless models?

Safety Issues

If you have young kids in your home, cordless blinds are probably better.

Generally speaking, blinds are ideal for those who want slats that can be adjusted to allow just enough sunlight in, depending on the user. They give you that neat and beautiful custom fit, and are a winner in the privacy department. On top of size, the material the blinds are made of also influences price.

The following are some types available today:

> Wood blinds may be painted or polished and in light or dark hues. They’re not recommended for kitchens or baths or any area where there is moisture, not for bedrooms or living rooms if you want a softer atmosphere.

> Insulating blinds are energy savers and can block or screen light, making them a good investment.

Finally, when buying window blinds and shades, choose a reputable supplier to be sure that you get quality products. Aside from aesthetics, durability is also a crucial fctor.